Jarvan, The Fallen

Two gauge variants, the moon or clock and the bar.
After the charge up at the end, you can immediately see a nova go off.
This nova is a part of Jarvan’s passive and slows all nearby enemies.
Jarvan’s fallen passive — Cull — resets to 0 and starts the process all over again.
Jarvan’s fallen Q would-be range.
Reduction — Q in action. Jarvan sweeping down from the sky and knocking up enemies.
Q + Gauge bonus = pulling enemies slightly back, this is one of his darkin upgraded abilities.
Jarvan activating Castigate onto every disabled enemy, airborne/stunned/suppressed/etc…
On the left, an activated mark, on the right an unactivated mark. In the middle Jarvan proccing a mark. Mark’s activate after the enemy disable wears.
Jarvan’s fallen E, the flag is seen here to be disappearing beneath a crack.
Comes down an impactful second lance.
Jarvan’s E, Dismember.

Jarvan’s Ultimate, Hope:

A recall ends it early; an ability tears through space and morphs with Jarvan’s old soul.
Once level 16, an end to Hope has a large circle slowly contract giving Jarvan increased speed to everything.
+ability stats tease
Jarvan facing their nemesis.
*further notes at the bottom



  • This is not a new champion, nor is it a replacement for Jarvan IV that already exists in the game, but a nemesis.
  • Jarvan doesn’t have a Gauge Bonus when an ability is altered under his ultimate. If it becomes altered, the Q is just a knockup without even touching a flag. If it contacts a flag as an altered ability, the knockups overlap. The flag/E will turn into a larger slow upon being altered, the W, along with the E save on animations, for the W it will end up additionally adding the mark. Jarvan simply does not have his darkin Cull passive/gauge at all when using Hope.
  • By being altered, or effects under ultimate, Jarvan must have reached level 11, then he must use 2 vanilla abilities, the 3rd ability becomes a darkin one, repeating this process.
  • Despite my visual representations, the darkin Q/Reduction’s effective range is the same whether it’s using its Gauge Bonus or not.
  • Under the ultimate, otherwise known as Hope. Jarvan’s previous known passive, Military Cadence, is not activating as a darkin ability and does not cause any rifts to appear, unlike his other three basic abilities activatable, like Q, W, and E.
  • Jarvan’s using his pre-darkin abilities for 30 seconds and gains up to 25% damage reduction for its duration. It’s not permanent damage reduction.
  • The very large circle specified at level 16 means once the ultimate duration is over, and Jarvan is back to his darkin abilities. Not meant to be disrupted as Jarvan still clutches to what remains.
  • The CC chain is to refrain from using auto attacks and lead with your abilities, otherwise attack to reach the Gauge Bonus up to 3 auto attacks; use E while it charges up its portal-ability, Q to instantly knockup, W to add further burst damage, then the previous E will seamlessly also fear the enemies further into you as the previous Q also must have had a pull to it. Use an ultimate to refresh and add 6 abilities to the total combo.
  • You can hold from leveling your ultimate for as many levels you like, to wait until your target damage reduction, this is a part of its strategy.
  • Jarvan should exhibit an entire “gravitating to his irksome, fighting on his terms” feeling.
  • His leveling mechanic, and the lack of freedom, although it should make you feel pure every new game, not a sense of control, but a miniscule story to unfold since level 1.





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